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So you’ve just launched your blog or website on WordPress and you’re not sure what to post?

You’ve come to the right place. Park your car, grab a seat and get some popcorn.

Now the real work begins.

Right now, you’re probably brimming with excitement and you can’t wait to launch your blog or website to the world.

What pages should be on your website?

The first thing you need to do before you launch your blog is to create two static [Pages] in WordPress.

The pages on your website needs to have the following:

1. About
2. Contact

Your ‘About’ page needs to paint a story of who you are, your personality, what your blog or website is about and how you are going to help your ‘target person’.

Your ‘Contact’ page is pretty self-explanatory and helps the reader know how to reach you.

How do you create a new page in WordPress?

To create a new [static] page in WordPressGo to WordPress > Pages > Add New

WordPress Add a new page

What about your blog section?

A post in WordPress basically represents your blog section.

So what should you post about?

  • Post 1: Share your story – Who are you and why you started your blog or website
  • Post 2: Write a post to address one of the challenges your target person might be facing
  • Post 3: Write post on How-tos/5 ways to/10 ways to… (with the aim to solve problems for your target person)

How do you create a new blog post in WordPress?

To create a new [blog] post in WordPress. Go to WordPress > Posts > Add New 

WordPress Add a new post

Once you’ve written 3 posts you need to tell the world.

5 Ways to get traffic to your new blog

  1. Email your blog link to your friends, contacts and clients and ask them to share your blog
  2. Sign up on 2 Social Media networks that your target audience spend a lot of time on and insert your website link in your bio.
  3. Join online forums, take part in online discussions, post your unique content and share your blog link
  4. Guest post – try and contribute to other blogs within your niche that have more traffic than you do and if the blogs allow you share your link – then do so
  5. Networking – when you meet people offline tell them about your blog and send your website link to them

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