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I set up Empowee to help coaches, creatives and small business owners to get full clarity on their vision and to build brands that connect with their target audience by adopting a heart-centred approach.

Traditional marketing taught me that marketing was data-driven and all about ‘data & numbers’. Whereas, heart-centred marketing is all about marketing from ‘the heart’.


So, you’d like to submit a guest post for my blog?

Here are topics to choose from:

  •       Business vision
  •       Brand story / Brand message
  •       Brand design
  •       Brand values / Brand personality
  •       Personas
  •       Target audience
  •       SEO / Long tail keywords / Rank on Google
  •       Email Marketing
  •       Content Calendar / Content for blog
  •       Social Media Growth
  •       How to get more clients for small business owners
  •       Sales strategies for small business owners

Or you can suggest your own topic, which has to align with a service listed on here


  •       Article length: Minimum of 800 words.
  •       Tone of voice: We only accept articles that have a personal feel. You need to write like you are speaking to one person or a friend. Write your article like you are telling a story to a friend.
  •       Article Quality: It has to be written by you and must be an original piece of work.
  •       Plagiarism: All articles will be cross-checked online – if you have copied someone’s else work your article will not be posted.

How to submit:

Fill out this form here and then I’ll respond to your email if your topic resonates with our brand and fits our tone of voice and selection of topics.