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So you’re thinking of starting a blog?

Choosing the wrong blogging platform could destroy your blog brand and prevent you from monetizing your blog.

There are loads of blogging platforms that will allow you to easily create a blog.

Here’s a cute list of popular blogging platforms.

  • Tumblr (FREE)
  • Blogger (FREE)
  • (FREE)
  • (FREE & Paid Plans)
  • SquareSpace (Paid Plan only)

What if you want to self-host your blog?

  • (best choice)

What does it mean to self-host your blog?

The most important question you need to ask yourself is… Should you self-host your blog or not?

Self-hosting your blog means you own the blog and you have complete control over it. If you don’t self-host your blog, you don’t own it. For instance, Facebook can block your Facebook account, Instagram can delete you from Instagram and Twitter can ban you from Twitter. So basically, you don’t own your own social media accounts because you have to adhere to their policies.

Similarly, if you register for an account on or Blogger you don’t own your blog because it’s on their platform. Furthermore, they may have restrictions on how you can monetize your blog. E.g. you can’t join Google Adsense or third party ad networks if you get a free account.

Simply put, if you don’t self-host your blog, you don’t own your blog.

Why would you want to self-host your blog?

If you want to own a blog business and make money from it without restrictions, I recommend you self-host your blog on

To run a blog on you need to have your own domain name and a hosting account with a web hosting company such as WebHostingHub I recommend them because their service is absolutely incredible and they treat new bloggers like VIP. Plus if you use my special VIP link (WebHostingHub) will automatically give you 20% off… woop woop.

A lot of new bloggers do not know the difference between and until they’ve started their blog and it’s too late. Once they find out the difference they have to migrate their blog from to, which is a bleeding hassle.

If you’re still having trouble understanding the difference between and this infographic makes it super clear.

Here’s a cool infographic on the main difference between and






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