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So what’s a domain name?

A domain name is what you type to visit a web page i.e.

When it comes to running a successful blog, the name of your blog actually matters; it can actually help or hurt your brand.

If you want to take your blog from a hobby to a blog business then you need to take the time out to research the name you want to choose for your domain name.

Find out if you’re domain name is available before you get carried away!

To brainstorm a killer domain name, I choose a domain name based around my niche (my blog topic) and then I brainstorm about 5 names then check that they are available on Namechk.

Then I send my chosen names to 5 of my closest friends to ask for their opinions or I go with my gut feeling, which tends to be 99% of the time even after, I have asked for their advice lol.

It’s a bit like asking a friend, should I go for the ‘pink’ or ‘white’ dress? My friend says go for the ‘pink’ dress then I end up with the ‘white’ dress… I can’t help it; I am a rebel at heart.

Tips for brainstorming a killer domain name

  1. Choose a name that’s simple
  2. Choose a name that people will easily remember
  3. Choose a name that people can easily spell
  4. Choose a name that means something to your target audience
  5. Choose a name that’s unique
  6. Find out if there are any businesses trading legally with the name you want to choose (in the country you reside in)
  7. Choose a name that no one has taken on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on using Namechk
  8. Use Namechk to find out if the name you want to choose is available

Once you have decided on the name of your blog/website then you can purchase your domain name and hosting package on WebHostingHubPlus if you use my special VIP link (WebHostingHubwill automatically give you 20% off… woop woop.

Side note: Most hosting providers including WebHostingHub will give you a free domain name registration as part of your hosting package.

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