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Wanna start a blog or online business?

  • Which content management system should you choose to build your blog or website?
  • Should you get your own domain name?
  • Which web hosting company should you go for?
  • Should you self-host your blog or not to self-host?

1. Self-Host your blog from the start

Self-host your blog from the beginning and get your own domain name.

Go with not If you make the mistake you will pay for it later through your nose and your wallet LMAO… TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

If you want to host your blog on, then you’ll need a hosting provider such as WebHostingHub.


WebHostingHub are a fantastic hosting provider for newbie bloggers. Plus, they have kindly offered my readers 20% off using this special link – click here). P.S. You don’t even need a coupon code to redeem your discount.

Once you have paid for your hosting, download WordPress using the 1-click install then get a professional theme.

2. Get a professional (Premium) theme

First impressions count offline and online.

Do you want to be taken seriously?

If the answer is yes then, invest in a professional theme for your blog/website.

I suggest you choose a theme based on your target audience.


BluChic designs beautiful feminine WordPress themes. It’s like what I am using for this blog.

3. Build your email list from the beginning 

Have you heard the saying the money is in the list?

Well, it’s true.

As soon as you launch your blog you must be ready to capture email subscribers.


MailChimp is great for newbie bloggers. It’s FREE and looks great and the interface is incredible. But it isn’t robust enough for professional bloggers and the FREE plan excludes automation, which is important.


GetResponse is very cheap and extremely robust. It’s packed with insane features like automation, landing pages, webinars and much more. But sometimes if feels a little bit a clunky, the interface looks like something that was designed in the 1980’s. I just wish it was sexier.

Getresponse Grow your email list


ConvertKit I’m bringing sexy back! It is sexy and aimed directly at professional bloggers. You can do automation and build landing pages easily and imbed good looking lead capture forms on your blog.

4. Build the dopest landing pages with 1-click 

Thrive Landing Pages 

Thrive Landing Pages is incredibly because it enables you to easily build landing pages on your WordPress website. It’s basically as good as LeadPages but cheaper because you pay a one-off payment instead of monthly instalments.


Leadpages is the most popular landing page software used by bloggers. It helps you to easily capture leads on your website with 1 click.

5. Design like a boss without being a graphic designer 

Wanna know how to create sexy images for your blog/website but you’re not a designer? Not to worry.


Canva is a free online graphic software that allows you to easily create business cards, social media graphics and much more.


Designrr So, I stumbled upon this incredible design software. It can turn any web link into a PDF document plus a professional cover image within 7 seconds. You can use it to create e-books and content upgrades. This is my secret weapon. Why am I sharing this with you? One day you will visit this page and this tip will be gone. Just like that poof… LOL.

Designrr Create Lead Magnets

6. Plan your blog content schedule


Diary I use a ‘good ol’ fashioned cheap Journal Diary to plan my content in advance.

Blogging can be extremely overwhelming and stressful so you need to plan your content in advance to get your best content out to your audience.

7. Track everything

Google Analytics

Google Analyticsis a free analytics software by Google that helps you to understand your audience, who they are, where they come from and how often they view your web pages. It’s used by nearly every website owner because it’s free and robust.

Books that changed my life

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill taught that me that success is a mindset. In the words of Napoleon Hill “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it”

This book showed me that failure is an essential ingredient to success as you learn more from your failures than your successes.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho single-handedly changed my life. It helped me to realise that my happiness is in the journey and not in the end result.

If you don’t enjoy the process of building your business you won’t enjoy the end result, when you become that massive superstar CEO.

The truth is… it’s the journey that prepares us for the final destination. If you spend your whole life dreaming and ignoring your present reality you have completely missed the point.

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek is a new business concept catered to millennials. Gone are the good ‘ol’ days of having a job for life. Thanks to the power of the internet anyone can start a 6-figure business from the comfort of their laptop.

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