Hey, I’m Subu,

I’m a Singer-Songwriter and Poet… And also a badass Creative and Data-Driven Marketer and a Transformational Coach.

I’m sure you are wondering what does songwriting have to do with marketing and why should you care?

Well, songwriting is about storytelling and so is marketing.

Marketing is about telling stories that connect with your target audience.

But it took me 7 years in Marketing to figure it out.


For most of my marketing career, I swam in data. I’ve probably launched more than 1 million email campaigns in the last 7 years.

The highlight of my career was executing the marketing plans for a world leading Conference and Exhibition, which generated over £5 million pounds in revenue.

I have worked as a Marketing Executive for large multinational companies with huge marketing budgets as well as SMEs with small marketing budgets.

But despite all of my achievements, I saw people as just a number, I saw them as just data. I forgot that they were indeed people. I forgot that they had feelings and emotions.

Traditional marketing taught me that marketing was data-driven and all about ‘data & numbers’. Whereas heart-centred marketing is all about marketing from ‘the heart’.

So, I set up Empowee to help coaches, creatives and small business owners to get full clarity on their vision and to build brands that connect with their target audience by adopting a heart-centred approach.


XoXo Subu


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