This week’s Blogger of the Week goes to Lade Salami of Rehairducation. I absolutely love and adore Lade, she’s a friend of mine and I have been following her blog since the past 2 years.

She’s a Hair Care Consultant, Educator and Blogger. Not only does she write regularly on her blog she also writes for a top Nigerian Blog – Bella Naija where she talks about her texlaxed hair care journey.

Lade Salami Hairducation

In a short space of time, she’s achieved so much and she’s literally one of the top hair bloggers in Nigeria.

Lade Salami Hairducation

She’s my hair inspiration and she inspired me to start my hair blog, which I maintained for over a year before I put it on hold. After discovering her blog, I read the book the Science of Black Hair written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, which equipped with the knowledge to start my hair blog.

I hope you’re inspired to start something!

Lots of Love S
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Connect with Lade

You can follow her blog at
You can read the Bella Naija article here


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